About Us

About Om Namasivaya Charity

Online since 2018

Om namasivaya is dedicated to the worship of Shiva

Om Namasivaya is a spiritual charity approved by the Government of India.

The group was created to instill a higher sense of spirituality in all people.

The system is considered to be the southernmost point of India, the confluence of three seas

And our main duty is to help all the poor and simple people irrespective of caste and religion.

The spirit of this site is in the vedas, shivagamas and thirumurais and the site holds in high esteem various shaivite scriptures.

Has about 5000+ HTML pages and many PDF documents as of Aug 2020.

Though primarily in English, there are pages in 5 other languages (as of March 2020).

This site is not developed to be the ultimate one, but it is intended to be a good starting point in the journey towards the Supreme Lord shiva.